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November 18, 2015

- Who are you asked the consciousness to the reason?  
This answered: "what my ears does not want to hear, what my eyes does not want to see and what my mouth does not want to admit." Well not, I'm not one iota of what my shadow reflected. No way, I am neither my own being. 

- A puppet? ¿Prisoner of insecurities? Victim or executioner?  

- Whom really belonged those such a vivid blue eyes which were slowly taken hold by the darkness?

It's time to bare our soul, to be honest with ourselves, to be sincere with the universe, with the stars and, if necessary, with the sky.  
But above all, it's time to be honest on behalf of that pure, authentic and unique love that we had each other.
Of that love which witnessed great passions, of our youth and our inexperience. Of that love that connected our souls as if by an invisible thread was, which read our thoughts without a look, a gesture, or even a caress. Of that love that our imperfections never conditioned, but which suffered each and every one of our defects. Of that love that almost seemed unshakable, so much so that having overcome doubts, fears and even potholes was eventually corrupted with the worst of betrayals. Of that love so vulnerable, that ended up being the most manipulated and punished. Of that love that was passed over, how hurricane devastates what in front catches, regardless of feelings, tears and pain. 

It is in the name of that love of which I speak. Well, in fairness, to allow continue sullied would be downright disgraceful. 
By and in memory of that man who wanders between what was and what is. 
By and in memory of those 33 + 77 signals that belonged to us. 
And above all, in memory of that amethyst which linked us together and still beats in the bottom of our hearts without knowing for sure the direction that the future holds.  

Now, when all the tears shed have already dried up. 
Now, when I can look back with a mature and objective vision.  
Now, that time has given me the confidence and the courage to look back without fear, prejudice, or openly. 
Now, when the power of the word is all I have left.
***Short fragment corresponding to the novel I'm writing; half fantastic and half autobiographical to keep the anonymity of the people in her story.
Author: Fanny Jimenez
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  1. Beautiful! I wear an amethyst David Yurman bangle every single day.

  2. I am a woman in love
    And I'd do anything
    To get you into my world
    And hold you within
    It's a right I defend
    Over and over again
    What do I do?


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